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Lane County's Choice

for Home & Business Yard Care


Meet the Bush Doctor

If you want excellent, personalized service at the best possible price, then you've come to the right place. Since 2003, we've been serving Eugene, Springfield and the surrounding area with yard care and landscape design. We pride ourselves in putting customers first and believe that if they love their yard, if their business looks top-notch, then our clients will have time to do what they love most.


We specialize in giving people landscape care that will leave them enjoying increased home value, better business appearance, and reclaimed time. We've mastered the skill of landscape maintenance and design, and we strive to please our customers through competitive pricing, ethical business practices and outstanding service.

We are happy to work directly with you to bring back life to your old landscape or maintain the beauty you have now, and we include lots of extras as part of our maintenance contracts.

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We live in Washington and manage rentals in Eugene. We called Bush Doctor and asked if they could take a look at 3 of our properties. They told us exactly what needed to be done, and was scheduled to be finished that same week. Thanks!



Dan and the guys at Bush Doctor have transformed my yard from a mess to a beautiful retreat. We're proud of our yard now.


Chris H.

Dan, the owner, is one of the nicest, most honest, hard working people, I've ever known. He will bend over backwards to take care of you, and make sure your lawn looks amazing.


S. H.

I've used Bush Doctor for many years. They're very dependable, professional, and do a great job.

Featured Project


We want results. We want your yard to look so manicured that Trina next door calls us to do her nails (and you know how particular Trina is about her nails).


Our business exists to make your business shine so you get higher rents, better tenants, and more safety and security.

Landscape Design Services

Landscape Design & Build

If you've got a clean slate or want to transform your space into an oasis, request a free consultation. Expect this consultation to take 30-90 minutes during which we'll cover your vision, space considerations, budget, and materials.

Hardscapes & Softscapes

A beautiful yard encompasses more than just a great lawn. When stonework, gravel, woodwork, and pavers meet up with grass, flowerbeds, trees, and shrubs, that's when the magic happens.

Wood Fence Building

We're not like the big fencing contractors in Eugene, but we do know how to make a property look its best. If your fence needs to be replaced, give us a call for a quote.


Fire pits are one of those must-haves. It's the place where everyone gathers to laugh, dream, tell ghost-stories, roast marshmallows, and stay warm. Call us to design your backyard memory maker.

Maintenance Services

Pruning & Topping

If you're not a part of our residential or commercial service and just want to tame the forest in your yard so the ninjas don't have a place to hide, give us a call!

Grass Repair & Overseeding

If your grass is looking more like a field of clover, mold, or dandelions, we can help! Our grass repair service will have your lawn looking amazing again.

Plant Removal & Replacement

If your home or business landscaping is looking tired, overgrown, or you just want a change of scenery, we can revitalize your landscaping. Call us for a free consultation today.

Field Mowing

If you're not looking forward to heading out to your pasture with a machete or weed whacker, and have a field or pasture that needs to be tamed, we can help!

Blackberry Removal

If you're considering diesel fuel, a flamethrower, or a nuclear bomb to get rid of your blackberry vines, we want to help! Call Bush Doctor Lawn and Garden and we'll turn your pile of vines into the manicured landscape of your dreams.


for Lawns

Removing the thick layer of decaying plant material in your lawn will help the soil, aid in draining, and keep your lawn looking its best. It's recommended dethatching is done once a year. Call us to schedule your your dethatching.

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